Sunrise Alarm Clock

  • SUNRISE & SUNSET SIMULATION: Desired for a less demanding wakeup-method that can help us start the day peacefully? Utilizing a unique combination of light and sound. Alloyseed Sunrise Alarm Clock offers a gradually increasing light over a 30-minute period prior to your pre-set alarm time, When you need to get your head down, the sunset stimulation white light starts bright and gradually darkens in 15/30/60 minutes to help you drift off naturally.
  • 7 ADJUSTABLE COLORS: Offering 7 color settings, Choosing your favorite color light: warm white/green/red/blue/purple/orange/indigo.
  • 6 NATURE SOUNDS & FM RADIO: You can also choose from 6 natural sounds and find your favourite tunes using the traditional FM radio.
  • SENSITIVE TOUCH CONTROL & SNOOZE FUNCTION: It’s complete with touch control to make adjusting functions a breeze. The light simulation has 10 separate intensities, so you can find the appropriate brightness for your morning wake up. Snooze button and an extra timer for alarms after 30 minutes make it easier to get those extra minutes of sleep.
  • USB CHARGING WITH BACK UP AAA BATTERY: Power this useful gadget with a USB charger(Only power this device) or a wall jack, there is an option to use back up 3x AAA batteries (AAA batteries Not included). We suggest that using the batteries and the USB cord together in case of resetting the time when the cord gets disconnected.